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The Stamp Scrubber

The Stamp Scrubber


  • $25.75

From the company that brought you the Life Changing Blender Brushes, Picket Fence Studios is introducing a new crafting wonder tool - The Stamp Scrubber! This amazing little green square transforms into an amazing ink removing tool with just a little bit of water. Watch in awe as it expands to maneuver into the smallest, most intricate parts of your favorite stamps to remove ink!

Size: Stamp Scrubber measures approximately 4" x 4" x 0.25"; expands to roughly 5" x 5" when wet

The unique spongey texture is the key to making this tool so amazing. When wet, the spongey cells expand and allow easy, soft maneuverability around even the most intricate patterns of stamps. Don't settle for clean enough when The Stamp Scrubber can get in all the crevices and remove ink from damaging your prized stamps!


Easy to use and hold
Unique texture for removing ink from even the most detailed stamps
Expands by roughly 20% when wet
Perfect for red rubber or clear stamps
Great for removing ink from stamp positioners and acrylic blocks
Not only will you love using this tool on your inky red rubber stamps and clear stamps alike, but it works wonders on removing ink smudges on your stamp positioners and clear acrylic blocks! It's an all-around multi-purpose scrubber that you definitely need in your craft supplies!

Care Instructions:

Make sure to adequately wet your Stamp Scrubber before use
After use, rinse out the Stamp Scrubber - mild soap or a stamp cleaner solution may be used if desired
Allow the Stamp Scrubber to air dry - do not heat

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